Join John at historical Derrynane Harbour, for a seaweed discovery & tasting walk along the diverse shoreline. Enjoy some seaweed nibbles including the flavoursome Duilleasc, which sustained the monks on the Skellig Island which sits 12km away on the horizon and their only international visitors in 600 years - the Norse Vikings!


Graze on fresh seaweeds as we stroll along the Wild Atlantic Way - including Nori, the famous Sushi roll wrapping. Discover how to sustainably harvest these sea plants and learn how they earned their name as a super-food. Learn about the rich history of seaweed use from gunpowder to medicine, from firefighting to brewing. Guests will also find and sample some seashore vegetables like Sea Radish & Rock Samphire!  Next, visit an ancient ‘Shell Midden’ - A recorded archaeological site that may date back as early as 8,000 BC, which is evidence of Ireland’s earliest settlers who thrived on seaweeds, fish & shellfish. Visitors are given 2 Seaweed postcards and can email us for a synopsis of the tour, a seaweed nutritional chart & a seaweed identification chart—duration to suit from 1 hour to 2 hours.

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